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Comprehensive Primary Eye Care

Conducted training on Comprehensive Primary Eye Care with DUCECP

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WatSan Evaluation

WatSan Evaluation of Kaligonj ADP with World Vision Bangladesh

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Clean Camp Campaign

Conducting Clean Camp Campaign Approach at Rohingya Camp, Cox’s Bazar

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Our Mission

Technical Assistance

We provide Technical Assistance to communities, institutions to solve economic, educational, environmental, etc. related complications.

Strategic Planning

We create strategic planning for organizations and communities to implement their capacities successfully in different areas of the development field.

Programme Management

We assist to design, implement and manage programme in the areas of education, economic development, housing, environment, social welfare, etc.

Study & Research

We do study & research in poverty issues, livelihood, health, education, climate change, economic, gender and equity, governance, decentralization process, etc.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We have strong experiences in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation system development and its smooth implementation in different tiers and stakeholders.

Consulting Service

We provide consulting service to different Donor Agencies, GO, INGO, NGO and LNGO on different aspects of capacity development.

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Our Focus

– Human Potentialities Enhancements
– Organizational Development
– Disaster Risk reduction and climate change adaptation
– Training module development and facilitation
– Designing Social Development Programs
– Designing Right-Based Programs
– Environment and Climate Change Issues
– Monitoring & Evaluation
– Research &Advocacy

Our Objectives

1. Assist rural and urban communities, government and non government organizations, educational institutions, right based organizations, faith based organizations and others with strategic planning and program development.

2. Design specific programs/projects that address community, organizations and staff need.

3. Serve as a resource development arm for staff and organizations lacking in-house staff expertise.

4. Assist to design, implement and manage projects in the programmatic areas of education, economic development, housing, the environment, and human social services

Our Experiences

Training, Study & Research, Programme, Documentation

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Community Mobilization

Community Ignition

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PRA Training

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